Lost Instrument Bonds
Quick Issuance of Lost Securities Bonds


Understanding Lost Instrument Bonds

What is the purpose of lost instrument bonds, lost securities bonds, and indemnity bonds?

These bonds indemnify the corporation, the shareholder and the Transfer Agent against any and all claims arising from the replacement by the Transfer Agent of lost, stolen, or destroyed certificates.

When would I need a lost instrument bond?

When a person or a corporation loses a stock certificate, a savings bank book, promissory note, certified check, or similar document, the issuer will not deliver a duplicate until the owner furnishes this type of bond.

This bond guarantees that if the original lost document is found, it will be returned to the surety company or obligee for proper disposal and that the issuer of the replacement security will not suffer an economic loss.

Are there different types of lost instrument bonds?

Yes, lost instrument bonds can be divided into one of two categories:

  • Fixed Penalty bonds are needed when the items lost are certified checks, certificates of deposit, or any items with a fixed value.

  • Open Penalty bonds are needed when the items lost are stock certificates or any other items whose market value fluctuates.
  • The required amounts and types of bonds are often specified by the obligees.

    How do I apply for a lost instrument bond?

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